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Finding the right family law and divorce lawyer who can help you get results for your Orange County family, contested and uncontested marriage dissolution case should be a top priority!

Considering or going through a marriage dissolution? hire the best Orange County divorce or family lawyer.

The state family laws are complex, so family or divorce attorney services are vital in ensuring that your rights are covered under the law for OC complex, post-judgment modification, military, and contested/uncontested divorce matters.

As someone going through a contested or uncontested divorce in Orange County, you should make sure that your interests are legally represented at all times by having the best Orange County divorce lawyer representing you.

Divorce is tough but you are not alone, as a matter of fact, according to the Judicial Council of California report titled 2017 COURT STATISTICS REPORT for the superior court”Family law filings totaled 387,849, and family law dispositions numbered 319,777, …Family law (marital) filings reached a total of 138,520 cases,…”

An OC Register report also noted that on average 33 people initiate a divorce proceeding every day in Orange County.

The whole point of mentioning the above is to let you know that you are not alone, other people go through a divorce too. The most important is to make it go as smoothly as possible and having the right and one of the best Orange County divorce lawyers representing you will make the whole process easier to manage.

There are so many California family law codes that can make understanding the state divorce and family laws complicated for someone that is not a family law or divorce lawyer. So lawyer up.

So, who’s an Orange County divorce lawyer?

This is a family law attorney who represents those going through a dissolution of marriage throughout county courtrooms.

They will help you file the right papers, respond properly, negotiate terms, and represent you in court trials et cetera.

It is an absolute must to seek help from an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer if your goal is to have the chances of getting results during any contested & uncontested divorce-related and other family law cases such as child custody, alimony, fathers rights, and child support et cetera.

These lawyers are also referred to as civil or trial lawyers and they can really reduce the stress that comes with a divorce.

Are Orange County divorce lawyers important?

Divorce in Orange County is common and they are filed and litigated all the time.

It may be common but the reality is that getting a divorce is probably one of the toughest decisions taken by the county married couples who had vowed for a lifetime of marriage.

However, if the decision has been made or is being considered, then you have to decide if it is important to consult with and hire a divorce attorney to help you navigate the process.

Getting a divorce is stressful enough and the last thing you want to do is to it by wanting to do it by yourself.

Keep in mind that you have to learn the county court system, negotiation strategies, filing things on time, filing them properly, and the state law et cetera.

All those are overwhelming. It took this lawyers year to learn them what makes you think you can learn them in just a few days or weeks?

With the right experienced Orange County divorce lawyer by your side, you’ll be able to deal with the emotional and legal process. Here are some great benefits of hiring the right skilled Orange County divorce and family law attorney to handle your case:

  • Valuable strategies and advice that will get you a better result
  • Lessen your emotional stress
  • Help expedite your divorce
  • Someone to lean on emotionally
  • Knowledge of the state laws
  • Knowledge of the county courtrooms and the judges etc

What they are also called

An Orange County divorce lawyer typically handles all types of family law issues.

They are also known by the type of family law or divorce issues that he or she handles. So if you looking for any of the below types of Orange County family law attorneys click to learn more.

 What is a new or modification of divorce in OC?

orange county divorce lawyer and family attorney

Divorce is known as the dissolution of marriage. Divorce is also different from annulment.

Divorce or separation is quite simple to initiate as California is a no-fault divorce state.  Any spouse can file for divorce at any time. Whether the other spouse wants to or not.

To get an OC divorce, the law requires you to be a resident of the county for at least three(3) months. The state law also requires one spouse to be a resident of California for at least six(6) months and have lived in Orange County for at least three(3) months.

The state is also a no-fault divorce state. This means that spousal wrongdoing doesn’t need to occur to file for a divorce

Getting a divorce is also easy when there is no property, investments, child support, and spousal support to deal with.

However in the case that there is child support, spousal support, child custody, and asset division involved then both parties need to work out an agreement by themselves or hire an Orange County divorce lawyer to help them.

If they come to an agreement then a court trial might ensure and the court will issue orders.

Sometimes when one party loses the trial they can appeal the divorce order issued by the judge.

However, a divorce appeal is very expensive so it is recommended that you seek a modification of all or some of the terms of the divorce decree.

Divorce modification can easily be done by filing a motion with the judge who first signed the divorce order. Ask your divorce lawyer or family attorney for more information and help on this.

Orange County contested and uncontested divorce

Not every divorce ends amicably. It can turn nasty and this often determines the type of divorce one seeks

Typically, people look for a divorce attorney is when they want a contested divorce.

So what is an OC contested divorce? An Orange County contested divorce is a divorce where both parties do not agree on how to handle their properties, money, and child custody et cetera.

An OC uncontested divorce, on the other hand, is a simple divorce case where the two spouses agree to an uncomplicated resolution to their divorce case.

They agree to work things out amicably. In some situations, they will still need to hire a family law or divorce lawyer in Orange County area to look over what they have agreed on to make sure they are in line with the state family law codes.

Military divorce

Filing for a divorce is already difficult but military divorce is at a whole level of difficulty. Military divorce complications are different from civilian divorces. This is why it is important to have the right military divorce attorney in Orange County at your side to protect your best interests.

Handling California military divorces requires experience and skills to navigate the process.  Some

Some of the biggest issues at the forefront of a military divorce are money and children. Here are some more of the issues that need to be addressed in military divorce:

  • How to handle military benefits for former spouses under USFSPA
  • Division of military benefits like pension and healthcare etc
  • Move away orders
  • Figuring out child support
  • State and federal laws in regard to divorce-related issues

If you are a service member and you or your spouse are considering filing for a divorce, the best recommended first step is to speak to an Orange County divorce lawyer that can help you understand your situation and options properly.

What is the divorce process?

The divorce process in Orange County can be complicated or simple. It usually comes tow to the willingness of the ex-spouses to work together to end things fast. So some divorce may go through all the below steps or not.

However, here is the typical divorce process:

  • Separation
  • Petition filing
  • Spouse notification
  • Motion
  • Agreement
  • Trial
  • Appeal

The good news is that the right divorce lawyer can make the process easy for you.

Next step: Contact for a divorce attorney law firm in Orange County help for complex, post-judgment modification, military, and contested/uncontested divorce issues

The right divorce and family lawyer with the latest information on divorce and family law issues is necessary to handle your divorce and family law case professionally, especially when the state laws change constantly.

Please call to speak with an Orange County divorce lawyer. Get help in all OC county cities including:

Key terms [ Legal glossary]

Divorce – This is the legal action of dissolving a marriage. Divorce is also different from annulment and legal separations.

Family Law – Family law is the area of law that deals with issues involving family and domestic issues.

No-Fault Divorce – This simply means that anyone filing for divorce does not need to prove that the other party did anything wrong.

Civil Law –  Divorce is a civil case that basically means that one party can bring a complaint against the other.

Trial – This is a formal meeting in the court in front of judges and /or juries where evidence is presented.


Can I file for divorce in Orange County without a reason?

Yes, anyone can file for a divorce without a reason in the state. This is why California is called the “No-Fault” divorce state.

How much does a divorce cost?

A study done by Martindale Nolo Research shows that in California $17,500 is the average when a divorce attorney is hired.