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    Anaheim Divorce Attorney & Family Law Firm – Hire The Best Expert Services That Will Advocate For Your Best Interest On Child Support, Child Custody/Visitation Rights, Spousal Support/Alimony, & Asset Division During Marriage Dissolution Matters

    It is to your best interest to hire a local Anaheim divorce attorney and family lawyer for your case. Divorce procedures can be torturous and most couples wish to have their settlement done as fast as possible so they can start new lives. There are different kinds of divorces in CA and it makes it possible for your experienced Anaheim divorce lawyer to choose the one that is suitable enough for your case. 

    The Types Of Divorce Divorce & Family Attorneys Handle

    There are different types of Anaheim divorce that a family law firm handles. They are:

    1.  Anaheim Summary divorce – it is also referred to as simplified divorce and it is most suitable for couples married for a short period of time, sometimes less than five years and without too much property and no children. Under this type of divorce, both must agree and file the papers jointly. It does not require too much paperwork and can be done without a divorce attorney, hence it is the easiest of all divorces.

    2. Anaheim Default divorce – it takes effect in a situation when your spouse fails to respond to the petition or to appear in court. It is granted by default especially if the spouse is nowhere to be found or has left for an unknown place.

    3. Anaheim Uncontested divorce – it is the best that you can choose as long as both parties are in agreement on the divorce terms. No formal trial is required in this type and you don’t even have to make court appearances since the court papers are cooperatively filed to make it happen.

    4. Anaheim Mediated divorce – it is a kind of divorce where the help of a third party is included to assist you and your spouse to reach a divorce agreement. The work of the mediator is to help you with communication and issue resolving so you can reach mutual agreement on the divorce. The last decision is up to the both of you; the mediator makes no decisions on your behalf.

    5. Anaheim Divorce Arbitration – under arbitration, both parties agree on hiring a private judge in this case known as an arbitrator. He is given the responsibility of making the decision which must be honored by both parties no matter what.

    6. Anaheim Contested divorce – it is a divorce that is prompted by an argument over child custody or property. With such disagreements, the judge is handed over the issues to make the final decision. It has a process made up of settlement negotiations, exchanging of information, hearings and even a court trial in case there is no resolution between you and your spouse.

    A divorce lawyer service can come in handy in this type of divorce. You need the best representation on this because this is the type of divorce that gets nasty.

    Other divorce types you will find under California divorce law include collaborative divorce and fault and no-fault divorce.

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