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    Retaining the right Costa Mesa divorce lawyer and family law attorney is very important because California divorce law is strictly followed in the city with full compliance to the various scopes of requirements before a marriage dissolution is finalized. There are residency requirements with forms to file for a proper dissolution of a marriage. Please contact experienced Costa Mesa divorce attorney for help because divorce is simply too complex to try to handle it without a legal expert on your side.

     Understanding The Divorce Process

    One of the benefits of hiring a Costa Mesa divorce lawyer or family attorney is that they can help you understand and handle the entire divorce process for you. A marriage can only be dissolved by California law when certain requirements are fulfilled; the first of which one of the married couples is a resident of California for at least 6 months. The divorce proceeding must be filed for 3 months preceding the petition requested by the proper forms filed in the state court.

    The superior state court holds all jurisdictions overall Costa Mesa divorce proceedings according to the state Family Law Code Sections 200 2320. If a spouse is unfamiliar with the legal proceedings which must be satisfied with full compliance, it is advisable to hire professional divorce lawyers in town who can activate the necessary processes for a quick resolution.

    A marriage in Costa Mesa can be dissolved by separation or divorce. Certain grounds of consideration are admitted to dissolving a marriage in California:

    • Irreconcilable differences
    • Incurable insanity with proof

    A legal separation is activated in California on the same grounds as a divorce with the same residency requirements satisfied. A couple seeking separation must submit the necessary forms for entry of judgment on legal separation. The earnings and asset accumulations of both parties would be submitted to the court for its jurisdiction in the delegation. The best-recommended thing to do is to seek an experienced divorce lawyer advice to help you make the right decision.

     Distribution of Property in a Costa Mesa Divorce

    When a Costa Mesa divorce is filed, the superior court would handle the fair distribution of both parties’ assets including cash and properties. As a community property based state, California would execute the judgment or dispensation of properties as provided by the state statute on divorce.

    The statute applies to all types of property acquired by the married couples in a marriage. When the divorcing couple cannot agree amicably outside the court on their property distribution, the state court is obliged to divide their assets which are considered as community estate. The separate property of the divorcing parties is not included, especially when the property is acquired outside of the marriage.

    A separate property refers to:

      • All property owned before marriage
      • All property acquired after marriage via bequest, descent, gift or devise
      • Property rents, profits, and issues

    Separation of property falls under the jurisdiction of the state Family Code of Sections 760, 770, 772 and 2550. When you retain the right Costa Mesa divorce lawyer or family attorney, he or she will fight to make sure that your right is protected and advocate for fair property distribution on your behalf.

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