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    OC child custody lawyer overview

    Welcome to the Orange County child custody attorney informational web page. A skilled family lawyer with the experienced in family law issues can help with new child support or modification order all over the county.

    A skilled Orange County child custody lawyer services can assist you with both new and modification of custody 0rders all over OC courts.

    Child custody in Orange County case can get nasty and because of how complicated the law can be, you need to speak with Orange County child custody attorneys to understand your case better and be represented aggressively which will yield desired results.

    Please call 949-312-4317 to schedule your no-obligation consultation with an experienced child custody attorney.

    Often times people want to save money and think that they can just figure out their case by themselves.

    You may be looking to request new child custody or to modify an order after a divorce, annulment, or legal separation, do not go about it alone without seeking the right experienced legal representation.

     Quick Overview Of Orange County Child Custody Law

    The modern child custody law has come a long way, the principles remain the same: who is the best person to be awarded the child’s custody? And who is best suited to promote the interest and welfare of the child?

    Even though the above principles make sense, sometimes in an OC child custody case, whoever with the best Orange County child custody attorney representation will likely win the orders in their favor.

    Child custody is a proceeding in court to determine to whom a particular child or children are to be given between the parent or person qualified to take care and to promote the best interest and general welfare of the child.

    Child custody cases are governed by California family law code and generally not subject to any kind of stipulation whatsoever. In a child custody case there’s usually judicial intervention or involvement of the judicial system.

    A child is a person below 18 years of age. As such, he or she has no legal capacity yet and except under the guidance and custody of the parents.

    A child custody case is an action in personam, meaning that it is a suit in court directed against a particular person. It may be filed in court as an independent legal action or as an incident of any action for annulment of marriage or legal separation.

    Any proposed written agreement concerning child custody must be approved by the court to have a legal binding in the face of the law. Make sure that you get a child custody lawyer Orange County to look over the paperwork and other details.

    How Is Child Custody Determined?

    There are some rules and guidelines set by the state law that help determine child custody between the parents. Here are some of those guidelines that determine the time shared between parents in an Orange County child custody case:

    • Whether or not the parent has the financial ability to care for the child
    • Do the parent have the time to spend with the child
    • Is there a history of substance abuse or domestic violence by the parent
    •  Which parent is closer to the child’s school and other community activities
    • The health of the child
    • The health of the parent
    • Other factors

    Make sure that you hire experienced child custody lawyers to advocate for your interest in getting a fair custody order.

    Child Custody Modification Orders

    Like anything in life, changes will happen in our life or someone might not be happy with a decision. Child custody is no different. You can ask the court to modify your child custody at any time.

    Some of the things that warrant filing for a child custody modification are:

    1. You have to move for a job
    2. You became sick
    3. The other parent goes to prison
    4. The relationship between the child and one parent becomes bad
    5. Both parents decide that one parent should have the child more

    There are other reasons, however,  you should get an experienced child custody attorneys Orange County representation to make sure that the right papers are files and things done correctly legally.

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    The field of child custody law is complicated and the fight can get nasty between parents. One may lose a child custody case, not because his or her side of the case does not impress with merits but due to ineffective legal representation. And in other to avoid this you need to retain the right skilled  Orange County child custody lawyers to represent your best interests.

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