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    Child support cases can be hard and exhausting and without the right Orange County child support attorneys on your side you can lose your right. Find the right child support law firm that can get you favorable agreements and settlements in your case.

    Extra cares are given to children in the court of law so because of this extra care is given to children, child support cases are tricky so having the best legal representation is highly recommended. 

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    Orange County Child Support Overview

    Orange County courts use the California family law code in child support cases in the county.

    In the scheme of things, the State can exercise its role under the doctrine of parens patriae to be a guardian of persons who need special supports and protection like the children.

    One of the things your Orange County child support attorney can help you understand is the law pertaining to child support in your family law case. Child support includes sustenance, clothing, clothing, housing, medical needs, transportation, education, and other need of the child or children etc.

    Under state law, a child is a human being who is under the age of 18. The parent or obligor under the law is the person who has the duty to give support to the child or children.

    Understanding The State Guidelines Law During Child Support Case

    Just like any other case you or your child support lawyer Orange County need to file the necessary paper works and litigate on why the other parent should pay more child support or less.

    The state has a statewide formula that is applicable to Orange County child support cases called a “guideline.” This guideline is used by the court in determining how much a parent should pay for child support(s).

    In the state, if two parents cannot come to terms on a child support case, the assigned court judge will decide on what amount that needs to be paid based on the California child support guidelines.

    Here is a quick overview of some of the factors that determine the amount of child support(s):

    • The income of each parent
    • Each parent amount of child custody 
    • Each parent tax filing status
    • Other children by each parent
    • Retirement contributions
    • Spousal support amount received or paid by a parent
    • Financial need of the child

    When you speak to or hire the right experienced Orange County child support lawyers, they will be able to give you more details about the guidelines. You can also read the California family law code here for more details.

    OC Child Support Modification Order

    There are times where one of the parents is not happy with the outcome of their Orange County child support orders or in the future because of income change, then that parent can seek what is called a child support modification.

    Things that warrant filing for a child support modification:

    1. The child or children financial needs have changed
    2. Income change for both or one of the parents
    3. A job loss by one parent
    4. Investment or retirement loss by a parent
    5. One parent is in prison
    6. One parent has a child or children from another relationship or marriage

    When any of the above situations arise one should find child support attorney in OC to help them file the proper paperwork with the family law court to get their child support modified.  to get there If a parent is ever unable to make a payment, the best advice is typically to not ignore the payment or let it slide as that can have very negative consequences.

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    Navigating the family law court is complex and can be challenging and emotional draining. However, with the right skilled  Orange County child support attorney who is experienced with the OC family law court system, you can be assured that your interest is represented in your case.

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