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    Orange County Legal Separation Lawyer

    Since a legal separation in Orange County can be just as stressful as a divorce you need to hire the right Orange County legal separation lawyer to fight for your interests.

    This cases can turn nasty and take a toll on your life in many ways you never imagine. What an Orange County legal separation lawyer can do for you is make sure that they handle the legal process for you while you deal with other things in your life.

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    The Difference Between An Orange County Legal Separation & Divorce

    The implications of legal separation can often be just as serious as the ones of a divorce. The bases for an Orange County legal separation are the same as for divorce. There are only two legal grounds for both divorce and legal separation, as stated in the Family Code Section 2310: “Irreconcilable differences that have caused an irreparable breakdown in the marriage; or Incurable insanity.” But what are the differences between the two?

    The main differences between a legal separation and a divorce are the following:
    • The absence of a residency requirement.
    • Legal separation concludes when the court enters a judgment.
    • The six months waiting period is not required for a legal separation.
    • In the case of legal separation, the two remain married but are no longer financially tied.

    One of the most common reasons for choosing a legal separation instead of divorce is based on religious beliefs. In other words, the parties’ religion is one that condemns divorce. Other reasons include the desire to keep receiving federal or military benefits which are only granted to married couples. When you speak with a legal separation lawyer, Orange County, he or she should be able to explain the law, process, and your options better.

    In the cases in which one of the spouse’s files for divorce and the other for legal separation the court will in most cases grant the divorce to the requesting spouse. The reason for this is that California law grants the right to divorce even if the other spouse is opposing the request.

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